The Last Years of Creation

The Last Years of Creation
  • Sun Oct 13, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Jozy Zim
  • Nobilis (3rd Ed)
  • Adult Themes
  • suicide, corruption, callousness towards human life, equating humans with animals, alien moralities that put ideals over people, threats of torture
  • Lines/Veils, Open Door policy
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In Nobilis, you take on the roles of the Sovereign Powers, each the personification of one single aspect of reality: night, roads, ecstasy, chains, time, water – whatever you can conceive of. Once human, each character has been forever changed, imbued with awesome power and terrible responsibility. The lie of reality has been torn from your eyes. You are now a God and things are much more terrible and wonderful than you ever dreamed. Ally with Heaven, Hell, Light, Dark, and Wild Things to defend Creation from Nothing.

We will spend the first couple of hours on character creation, in-play character, low-stakes setting and system introduction, before your Nobles’ goals and drives grow into their full drama. We will also take a break to ensure food needs are met for your mortal selves with take-out and/or delivery.

Trigger warnings: This is not a game about gore, torture, or suicide but those themes could come up. Horror is a big part of the setting, just as much as Hope. To make sure we ‘re all comfortable with the content, lines and veils will be used. We will talk about lines during character creation, so we’ll know what to steer away from as a group. Should we go down darker paths in play, we will walk among the veils, ready to pull them over the scene as desired. I do not relish gory details, but I am fascinated by the ideologies this game presents as normal.

Tags: Aliens, Collaborative, Comical, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Fantasy, Horror, Intrigue, Investigation, Melancholy, Modern, Mystery, Play to find out, Potentially triggering*, Provocative, Super Powers gods, metaphysical, metaphorical, poetic action, flowers

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