The Last Voyage of Skergi Frosthammer

The Last Voyage of Skergi Frosthammer
  • Sun Oct 7, 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Craig Robertson
  • Conan RPG (D20)
  • Using PFRPG skills and CMB/CMD system
  • Mature themes
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Skergi Frosthammer, the (self-proclaimed) fiercest sea-wolf the North has ever seen, has set sail for the Emerald Isle for a profitable summer of raiding and pillaging. Join his crew for a share of the fun and plunder! Curse? What curse? Who told you about that? Never mind all that…you’re a Viking! Now Viking up, grab your sword and quit whining!

Note: Please do not expect historical exactitude or any particular attempt at historical accuracy. In fact, historical inaccuracy and wild conjecture are guaranteed.


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