The Last Boat – Ten Candles

The Last Boat - Ten Candles
  • Sat Oct 12, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Scott Henderson
  • Ten Candles
  • No Content Advisory
  • X-card, Open Door policy
  • Santa Catalina (5th Floor) (12)
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  • Created at the table


The island resort has turned into a nightmare. The beach sand has turned so thick with blood that not even the tide can wash it away. There aren’t many folks left… not since They came. Just the group of you, and from the crackled interference on the radio, it sounds like one other group holed up on the far end of the island at another resort. Maybe some locals further in-land too, who knows? You’ve sent out call after call for rescue, but only recently did you finally hear a reply. It was all crackle and static, but you were able to make out something about the Coast Guard, and the Northern Island. The reef ’s too taxing on boats here so you’ll have to make your way there. Of course that means finding a boat or swimming a quarter mile of ocean water. Not to mention navigating to the northern tip of the island and hoping the folks holed up there haven’t already taken the last boat across. The lights are flickering low. It’s time to move.

Tags: Apocalyptic, Collaborative, Dark, Drama, Horror, Mystery Tragic, Horror, RPG, Mystery, Collaborative

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