The Haunting of Halcyon City

  • Sun Oct 16, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • David Gallo
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  • No Content Advisory
  • Lines/Veils
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Welcome to Halcyon City! After the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages in Halcyon City, now it’s Your Age, but what does that mean? You play teen superheroes trying to figure out who you are and what kind of heroes you want to be while others try to shape and define your identity. If you like Young Avengers, Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Runaways, this is your jam.

The dead are rising, and the mall is closed. How can anyone even hear themselves think over all that moaning & chanting? And all that blood in the streets? Seriously gross.

Tags: Adventure, Combat, Comical, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Hijinx, Horror, Light, Melancholy, Modern, Play to find out, Player antagonism, Romance, Serious, Super Powers, Suspenseful

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