The Game of Drones

  • Sun Oct 18, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Eric Tolle
  • Fate Accelerated
  • Adult themes
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The Magical Division of the SFPD (Unofficial) has a simple motto: To Serve, Protect And Conceal. Not so easy, when the Magic Cops have to balance the needs and desires of the various monsters of the hidden world.

A local vampire has disappeared, and the MDSFPD is called in to find her. With the supernatural non-community on edge, accusations flying, and a important meeting coming up, can the Magic Cops find her before it’s too late?

This is a game of Investigation and occult…well not terror. Annoyance maybe. It’s a hidden magical world, with a streak of satire to it. The stakes may be high, but not completely serious.

Tags: Adult themes, Collaborative, Comical, Dark, Fantasy, Hijinx, Horror, Intrigue, Investigation, Light, PG-13, Play to find out, Strong storyline

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