The Execution of Rose Pearson

Adam DeCamp
  • RPG
System: Bone Orchard
Date: Oct 29 9:00am (4 hours)
Room: 2104 (19)
Spaces: 8
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: X-card,Lines/Veils
Characters: Provided
Delaware, 1991.

You knew her before she was Rose Pearson. You like to say the success of her novels didn't change her, but the truth is you'll never know. She talks the same, laughs the same, but every time you see her out the corner of your eye your spine tingles.

The first real sign that anything was wrong was when she called you, long past midnight, and begged you to come to her divorce party at her house on Carmen Island. The next came up her driveway in an old black car with one broken headlight.

You don't deserve to be here tonight. For Rose's sake, whatever happens: survive.

The Execution of Rose Pearson is a personal horror experience with thriller and mystery elements. The gameplay is not strategic-you will not need to understand the system used-but you will have to make fateful moment-to-moment decisions in the face of considerable danger. It will take nerve to get through the night...and to uncover the many dark, twisting secrets that led to it.

Special Note: By default, your premade character will be female. You have the option of changing this, but the materials you're given may use feminine pronouns.
Content Advisory!
Toxic Relationships, Abusive Behavior

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