The Electric Rose

  • Sat Oct 15, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Alan Hodges
  • Blades in the Dark
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The Rosara Sisters used to run a popular haunted bath house. Everyone says it was not really haunted. They just rigged up a few costumes and parlor tricks to make their business stand out, right? When the sisters disappeared without a trace, you acquired a share in the foundering establishment for essentially nothing, hoping to turn it around and make it profitable again. Of course, there are dangerous, violent criminal gangs everywhere, ready to make the bathwater run red. One of you started impersonating the Rosara Sisters with their “colorful devilry” in order to regain lost business. You figured that maybe those violent criminal gangs would give you some space if they thought there might actually be a witch running the bath house. Now it seems the gambit has worked too well – actual spirits are visiting the bath house. Can you build your reputation and fortune from the mysterious, perilous and possibly profitable legacy left to you by the Rosara Sisters?

You are a desperate scoundrel on the streets of Doskvol, an industrial-fantasy city. There’s primitive electrical technology, the printing press, strange alchemy, and simple gunpowder weapons. With nowhere to go but up, you take on dangerous jobs with your crew to improve your assets and status.

Game play focuses on the moments of daring action during a job (with occasional flashbacks) and the downtime between jobs when you recover and pursue personal interests.

There are heists, chases, escapes, dangerous bargains, skirmishes, deceptions, betrayals, tragedies and victories.

Tags: Adventure, Combat, Dark, Drama, Fantasy, Play to find out

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