The Devil Went Down to the Karaoke Bar

The Devil Went Down to the Karaoke Bar
  • Fri Oct 11, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Melanie Stark, Jarys Maragopoulos, Ian Gervase
  • Freeform
  • Adult Themes
  • Alcohol and Drug Use, Sex and Sexuality, Emotional Abuse, Politics & Ideology, Religion & Cults
  • Santa Rosa (53)
  • 6
  • 4 of 18
  • Provided


In a forgotten corner of America, souls lost and found, wander into the local karaoke bar for a night out on the town. Some yearn to be heard, and others have come for more than the music. Singing/ lip-sync is optional but encouraged.

Come for the roleplay, stay for the karaoke. Players will take on the role of varied and genred characters, and may choose to place their name on the karaoke list. Equipment for KaraFun will be provided, but don’t think singing is all that you’re signing up for, this is a live action role playing experience. Every player is guaranteed three opportunities to sing, lip-sync, or have a song of their choice played. If possible, space sensitive to auditory over-stimulation will be provided to roleplay during songs. If excess time, GM’s will facilitate free-form karaoke after the game ends.

Tags: Dark, Drama, Emotional, Fantasy, Improv, LGBTQ themes, Modern, Player antagonism, Potentially triggering*, Provocative, Romance, Sex and Sexuality, Silly Bar Culture

2 comments to The Devil Went Down to the Karaoke Bar

  • Roman Chang

    Question: would it be possible to come late and still participate? Or is it a game that starts promptly at 6 only for those who sign up?

    • Ian Gervase

      If there are unfilled seats that remain unfilled after the game starts, it may be possible to add players after the game starts, but that will depend on how things have gone thus far during the game. However this is not a drop-in game experience; players will have scripted characters and are interacting with a story in addition to participating in the Karaoke. After the game concludes, time and energy levels permitting one or more of our story-tellers may keep the karaoke machine going, but there’s no strict guarantee on that account.

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