The Circle Game

  • Sat Oct 18, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Lillian Cohen-Moore
  • Monsterhearts
  • Adult Themes
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Something happened to you when you were younger. You saw something, and no one believed you. They thought you needed help, so your parents had you committed to a psychiatric program ran by Dr. Patrick Wells. He helped you get through it. He helped you feel stronger. He sent you home, convinced he was right. That it hadn’t happened.

It’s been years since that summer, but it’s time to go home again. Dr. Wells has been murdered, and it’s time to face the truth he convinced you was a lie.

[Monsterhearts frequently deals with issues of identity and sexuality, and the scenario involves issues of memory, mental health and trauma, which may make this game potentially triggering for players.]

Tags: Adult themes, Drama, Emotional, Horror, Investigation, Melancholy, Modern, Potentially triggering*, Suspenseful

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