The Carnival Magic — A Mysterious Cruise Ship

  • Sun Oct 9, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Morgan Hua
  • Dread (Jenga Tower)
  • House Rules for Character Creation
  • PG-13 to R (hell-raiser-like bloodshed).
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The 130,000-ton Carnival Magic featured 1,845 staterooms plus 746 crew staterooms making her capacity at 6,000 passengers including crew. Magic

The Magic vanished on November 2011 on route to the first season’s Caribbean Voyage with all its passengers and crew.
The area it disappeared in is known as the Bermuda Triangle.

After a week of frantic air and satellite searches, the Magic re-appeared during a tropical storm. Generally storms in the Caribbean run from June to November and peak in mid-September. The Magic emerged with a mayday broadcast at Midnight local time. The storm is preventing any type of coordinated rescue effort.

The Mayday message contained some information kept from the public, but the circumstances of the Magic’s disappearance raised enough of a concern that your elite investigative team will be helicoptered in. It was determined that though it is dangerous — the whole team could be lost en-route during the storm which is turning into an unseasonal hurricane — it is a necessary risk. The team is briefed en-route to the Magic. You’ve been told that the standard communication equipment for contacting HQ may be unreliable in the storm. The helicopter will not return to it’s point of origin having only enough fuel to get out of the raging storm and be ditched into the sea. The pilot will be picked up by a rescue ship.

Good luck team and my God save us all.


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