The Big Bad Con Squares

Ezra Denney
  • All Ages
  • LARP
System: Hollywood Squares
Date: Oct 27 7:00pm (1 hours)
Room: Grand Peninsula
Spaces: 100
Attendee/Player Age:
Safety Tools:
Come play Tic Tac Toe with Big Bad's Biggest, Baddest Celebrities (for a certain very specific value of celebrity). We will recreate the silliness of the Hollywood Squares with nine squares of gaming gliterati answering silly questions. Does Bananachan know how many recorded sightings of Jiangshi there are? Can Danny Quach guess how many printed books have been released for FATE? Who will be the center square?

You, the crowd will agree or disagree with our squares, and bring your team to victory!

This event will be part of the Opening Ceremonies on Thursday night. A perfectly silly way to end the first day of Big Bad goodness.

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