The Bandit Map

The Bandit Map
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  • Brian Isikoff
  • Blade & Crown
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For decades, the Kreshar region on the eastern coast of Morensia has been plagued by bandits. They sweep down out of the surrounding wilderness and attack, taking whatever they can carry, then disappear into the wilderness. Time and time again, patrols and and investigations dispatched by the local lords have have turned up nothing. Some say the hills are haunted with the ghosts of soldiers from the many lost patrols.

With a substantial reward for the destruction of the bandits, your group has been seeking these elusive raiders. Your Market Day in Chaegrae Towne turns interesting when you find a scrap of paper – one which you and your companions believe leads the way to the lair of the very same bandits.

Blade & Crown is a full-featured fantasy roleplaying game, suited for courtly intrigue, far-flung wilderness exploration, thievish derring-do in the bowels of a city or even dungeon-delving.

Blade & Crown is ©2012 by Rachel Kronick, and published by NJW Games.

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Combat, Exploration, Fantasy, Serious

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