The Art of Playing YOU - Playing characters and being an artist in the age of technology

Anjali Bhimani
  • Panel
System: Panel
Date: Oct 29 6:00pm (1 hours)
Room: Harbor Room (92)
Spaces: 50
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools:
Thanks to the internet, it has been easier and easier to connect with people and players all over the globe. In the last few years especially, the flood of online content has made more games and players more available to each other. But as an artist - and a human - it can also be hard to feel personally connected to the people you are creating with and for when technology is taking over communication. In this panel, we'll talk about some of the difficult parts of staying human in this age of technology, including:

  • Staying connected online without disconnecting from your community offline

  • Finding ways to stay connected to yourself, your creative energy, and your own needs while also working and playing in multiple time zones or with large networks and online communities

  • Maintaining the difference between public, personal, and private in your online avatars and social media

  • Creating characters that allow you to express yourself fully and explore the human condition in a safe space

  • Learning how to protect yourself from difficult or challenging energy from other people online

  • The complex issue of parasocial relationships

I tend to tailor make this talk to the audience I'm talking to...we may stray from some of the above content depending on people's needs. My goal is to be open to and answer questions that people might be afraid to ask in public. You can submit questions anonymously before the panel here.

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