The Angels of Salvation

  • Fri Oct 4, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Michael Garcia
  • Apocalypse World
  • Mature themes
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You are in the middle of a 500 mile trek across the Wasteland when your caravan is hit by a dust storm. In the midst of the storm, your engine stalls and the sun is blotted out. In that howling darkness, monsters pounce upon your loved ones tearing them apart. Their screams are drowned out by the roaring winds. These are the Angels.

Up ahead, is the town of Salvation. You were almost there when you were caught by the storm. If you get into the last remaining car you may just make it, but what then? Who awaits you? What will they ask in exchange for your shelter?

Based upon a short story from Realms of Fantasy, The Angels of Salvation is a game of graphic violence and horror set in what was the American Midwest. Mature apocalyptic themes run throughout this story so player discretion is advised.

Additional game tags: apocalypse world, michael garcia, angels of salvation

*Triggers written into the story: vulgarity, torture, sexually assertive NPCs (they want to bang you), shocking and graphic violence, religious themes, mental health issues, and demonic creatures.

Triggers I will avoid and shutdown: racism, child abuse, and sexual abuse.
When asked, I will draw a veil on a scene, meaning I allude to what has likely has occurred rather going into further detail.

In game, please tell me of your own personal triggers that have not been covered be me during, or immediately after a scene so I can adjust the story accordingly. Your input will be welcome.

Tags: Adult themes, Apocalyptic, Combat, Dark, Gore, Graphic Violence, Horror, Intrigue, Play to find out, Potentially triggering*, Pulp, Sex and Sexuality

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  • Colin Fahrion

    I assume you meant “Apocalypse World” — though “Apocalypse Word” as a game of post-apocalyptic crossword puzzle addicts and scrabble fiends could be pretty fun.

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