Tabula Rasa: Periculum

Tabula Rasa: Periculum
  • Sun Oct 14, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Rebeka Trubowitch
  • Homebrew/GM Fiat
  • Adult Themes
  • While no in-game trigger actions are expected, game discussion themes include: lack of acceptance, violence, and substance abuse
  • Trained therapist/signaling
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In an abandoned warehouse, five individuals awake to chaos. “Who am I?” Who are you?” So many questions, but one thing is clear; something bad has happened. And judging by the state of disrepair the place and its inhabitants are in, you’ll have to figure out what it was and who to trust, fast. But who can you trust when you can’t even trust yourself?
Players will begin with no knowledge of anything (including themselves) and have to work together to figure out what happened and how to survive this. But there are enemies, past scores to settle, and memories can be fickle things. How much would you trust another stranger? Will it be too much or too little to ensure your safety?

Image CC BY 2.0 John Hoey – Abandoned In Bridgeport.

Tags: Dark, Drama, Emotional, Exploration, Graphic Violence, Intrigue, Modern, Mystery, Play to find out, Player antagonism, Potentially triggering*, Provocative, Strong storyline, Suspenseful

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