Super Human Resources: Save The World, Look Good Doing It

Super Human Resources: Save The World, Look Good Doing It
  • Sun Oct 13, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Antonio Monge
  • Super Human Resources
  • Any tools that make players feel more comfortable with their gaming experience will be accepted and encouraged.
  • California (76)
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Join up to four fellow heads of SHR, hire new heroes, thwart criminals, fight villains and defend the city! Partake on epic adventures on a modular board that will change for each epic scenario.

This asymmetric game of heroes and villains is heavily inspired by other scenario-based dice games such as Descent and Conan. Hire heroes from a large selection of diverse and dynamic characters and help them grow as they unlock new abilities and transform themselves to aid in the mission at hand. Face off against a subterranean invasion, a water-bending bank robber, a time-traveling assassin and many other dastardly villains. Super Human Resources is a game for up to five players.

I will be running the game as the Nemesis (the villain player), with players getting to select their characters before we begin. I will be giving a rules breakdown before each game but will also have a mobile companion set up on my website before the event. On this site you will also be able to learn about the cast of SHR as well as how you’ll be able to help make this game a reality.

If you’re a fan of super heroes, comic books, pixel art, video games or saving pugs from burning buildings then SHR is the game for you! Light roleplay is encouraged but not required. The game is easy to learn but offers complexity as you dig deeper. Scenarios average an hour each so we may be able to play more than one of the four prepared (which will be revealed on my site), but time commitment may vary depending on rules explanations.

Clip on your capes, polish your utility belts and jump in on the ground floor of a brand new game and explore the world of Super Human Resources!

Tags: Adventure, Aliens, Alternate History, Collaborative, Combat, Comical, Cyberpunk, Exploration, Fantasy, Hijinx, LGBTQ themes, Light, Modern, Sci-Fi, Silly, Super Powers

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