Summit Arcane: LARP inspired by Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files

  • Sun Oct 9, 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • David Coronado, Michelle McNeill, Matt Branstad
  • Homebrewed
  • 16 and up
  • ()
  • 6
  • 5 of 23
  • Yes


New Orleans, 1928. The storm is building. As the mortal inhabitants of the Big Easy struggle with Prohibition, the supernatural denizens of the region have their own troubles. The rise of new powers and the shifting fortunes of the established players have led to upheaval in the magical community. Many of the local factions have become enmeshed in a bloody web of shifting alliances and temporary cease-fires.

Now, Queen Mab has issued an ultimatum: work out a truce, or face her wrath. Tonight, a score of the supernatural community’s most trusted (read: expendable) diplomats are set to sign a treaty. Can you bring peace to the Paris of the South? Or will the blood of New Orleans turn the Gulf waters red?

This game will feature 20 pre-generated characters. No LARP experience or knowledge of the source material is required, though each tends to enhance player enjoyment. All necessary information and equipment will be provided and costuming is strongly encouraged.

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Warning: The game uses non-canonical characters and takes place outside of the timeline for the books, but both game materials and play may reveal spoilers for the series.


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