Star Breach: Multiverse Sci-Fi Skirmish

Star Breach: Multiverse Sci-Fi Skirmish


Any sci-fi universe. Any sci-fi models. Star Breach is the only free tabletop skirmish ruleset that features 20 uniquely customizable warbands, representing factions of soldiers from nearly every sci-fi motif imaginable!

In a game of Star Breach, players go head-to-head, leading their custom outfitted warbands into fierce fire fights on a close-encounter battlefield. At Big Bad Con, bring your friends to meet and play alongside the creator of the game in an easy-to-learn demo session. EVERYTHING IS PROVIDED! Play against a friend on one of three gorgeous, 3D battlefields, with a wide selection of awesome warbands and models. Also, if you join us for a demo, you will be entered a free raffle to win a set of sci-fi models!

Preview the game’s rules and social media outlets at STARBREACH.COM

Tags: Adventure, Aliens, Combat, Exploration, Light, Military, Sci-Fi, Suspenseful tabletop game, miniatures game, all ages, GM provided

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