Space Station Fobolex

Space Station Fobolex
  • Fri Oct 11, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Steve Segedy
  • Star Crossed
  • X-card, Open Door Policy
  • Santa Rosa (53)
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  • Created at the table


Space Station Fobolex is a crossroads of weird aliens with even weirder cultures. And now a new force will arise – a force perhaps unfamiliar to the hardscrabble crew and visitors of the station. A force called… love.

Come play Star Crossed in the most spectacular conglomeration of awkward, beautiful, tragic romances ever seen in this sector! Up to ten couples will play simultaneously and each will get a public epilogue that will shape the destiny of Space Station Fobolex forever!

Tags: Aliens, Cute, GM-less, Light, Romance, Sci-Fi, Silly

7 comments to Space Station Fobolex

  • Jeeyon Shim

    Uh oh, I think I might have double booked — this slot overlaps with my playtest of The Witch’s Cottage, which starts at 11AM. Should I drop out and give the slot to someone, or does game play go fast enough that that’s enough time?

    • Steve Segedy

      It should go quicker than the listed time, but you can also tell your partner up front about your time limit, so someone can make sure your tower falls one way or another…

  • Steve Segedy

    Hello friends! I’m looking forward to running Fobolex for you all and seeing the great, terrible, how-will-it-all-end love stories you create!

    I could use a little help, however- if any of you are local and already have a copy of Star Crossed or Jenga that you could bring, that would be great. Please let me know at

    Also, since we’re full up, if you know someone who wanted to be apart of it but can’t, send them my way. I could a co-facilitator and that’s another fun way to participate!


  • Dave Leaman

    Glad to see you’re running this, Steve! I had a blast last time I played Fobolex. Sadly I’m not there Friday, or I would totally play again.

  • Louis Wasserman

    Would adore this if it wasn’t in this time block.

  • Steve Segedy

    Absolutely! There’s no need to find your own partner, we’ll pair players up at the start of the game.

  • Antonio Morton

    Do you have to be a couple to play? Is it Ok to register as a single person?

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