• Sun Oct 18, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Noam Rosen
  • Soth
  • Adult themes
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Play cultists in small-town America trying to summon the dark god Soth.

Conceal your murderous crimes
Deceive family and friends
Thwart meddling investigators

If you can complete three more rituals, Soth will rise.

Can you do it?

******Trigger Warning explanation*****

You will play cultists and describe the unpleasant things we do to summon Soth—like sacrificing friends and family.

That means we’ll be dealing regularly with the subject matter of murdering innocent people.

Other game descriptors: cthonic noir, diceless, low prep, low complexity

Tags: Adult themes, Dark, Drama, Gore, Graphic Violence, Horror, Intrigue, Play to find out, Potentially triggering*, Serious

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