Songs in the Key of Geist

Songs in the Key of Geist
  • Sat Oct 12, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Carmen Marin
  • Paranormal Minstrels
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This game comes from the Gauntlet’s Codex – Bone Issue, a zine full of Indie TTRPGs & game hacks. Titled, Paranormal Minstrels, written by Mary Georgescu & Ray Olsen.

Welcome gentlepersons, to San Francisco, circa 1869! Four years after the end of the Civil War, and Twenty years after the infamous Gold Rush of the West, which turned a simple encampment on the Yerba Buena into the bustling city of San Francisco. There were still people of the Ohlone around, but if they didn’t convert, they were forced out or worse. City expansion happened southward, pushing the newer immigrants out into the fringes. The city by the bay is full of bustling people, diverse cultures, and restless spirits.

So much supernatural activity started cropping throughout the city after the Gold Rush, that many speculated whether the acts of mining was related. It was enough that a prominent occult society formed a chapter near Portsmouth Square, one of the more well-regulated spiritual hotspots. The Resonant Society, known to the outside world as a meeting place for musicians, is actually a society of Paranormal Investigators, who use their musical talents for the sake of the good and the living.

Who are the Resonants? Why you all, of course. You investigate and mitigate paranormal activity for wealthy clients through the use of your instruments and their horrid, cantankerous melodies. You have trained many years for this moment.

You’ve been hired to calm the mind of a recently widowed mother, living in a large Victorian, to investigate the strange happenings inside the house, and the rumors of missing people in the area. Will you succeed in restoring balance to the land, or will your troupe slowly become host to restless and confused spirits?

Will need a d12 to play.

Tags: Alternate History, Combat, Fantasy, Horror, Intrigue, Investigation, Light, Mystery, Serious Haunted House, Ghosts, 1800s

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