Something’s Brewing in Eastwick

Something's Brewing in Eastwick
  • Sun Oct 13, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Jonaya Kemper
  • Kids on Bikes
  • bullying, classism, drug use, gang violence, guns, police brutality, racism, xenophobia
  • X-card, Open Door policy
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It’s 2003, one week before graduation. You’re a group of kids who have survived the massive meat grinder of Eastwick High School, with one summer left before you get to escape your hometown to places beyond.

Every weekend for two years, you have all piled into your friend’s precious early ’80s wood-paneled station wagon and driven around exploring weird, haunted, and otherwise spooky places you read about in a magazine called “What the Hell, New Jersey?” Together, you’ve been to abandoned asylums and dark woods where evil ghosts supposedly lurk, and you’ve looked for the Jersey Devil. It’s your way of just being teenagers. What’s a little innocent joyriding, right?


‘Cause you live in Eastwick, New Jersey, and nothing is ever what it seems.

Come play this upcoming adventure module for Kids on Bikes about teens in cars and what they may have brought back with them. You’ll be playing teens from the fictional town of Eastwick where most folks are from marginalized populations. This module will include rap battles, interconnected cultures, and exploration into the dark and spooky. Note, this game will include playing with cultures that may not be your own, and the GM will provide assistance in doing so.

Tags: Adventure, Comical, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Hijinx, Horror, Mystery, Potentially triggering*, Serious

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