So You Wanna Be a Freelancer: TTRPG Edition

Nala J. Wu, Noir Enigma, HTTPaladin, Calamity, Michelle Nguyen Bradley, Viditya Voleti
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Date: Apr 1
5:10pm (duration 00:50)
Gain +1 to your freelance skills and learn from a talented array of panelists with advanced experience in freelancing for the TTRPG industry. Are you interested in writing or designing for game companies like Magpie Games, Wizards of the Coast, or Kobold Press? How about appearing on a sponsored actual play show, or doing community management for Roll20? Artistic design? Project Management? Voice acting? Tech production? Brand Marketing? Indie Game publishing? We've done it all, and we want to share our insight with you! This roundtable panel welcomes everyone regardless of experience to dive into the world of freelancing and gain the knowledge and confidence to book work and join the Net30 life.


Nala J. Wu (they/them) is a proud neurodivergent QTPOC Art Director and ENNIE Gold-winning Illustrator who works full-time in TTRPGs. Past projects include Uncaged Goddesses, Coyote & Crow, and Apocalypse Keys. Through their work, they advocate for diversity in order to increase the positive representation of minority groups in the media. Besides art, Nala does voice acting, diversity & cultural consultations, and professional TTRPG AP stream performances.

Noir Enigma (he/they) is a voice actor, streamer, musician and improvisor. He has studied at Chicago's iO, Westside Theater, and Second City. He is the Nerdy host of Gen Con TVs Table Takes, Critical Misses' Morning Ritual, creator and Game Master for Kobold Presses Into the Southlands, Magpies Second City Saviors and the Twitch Director for Niantic.

HTTPaladin (they/them) is a game designer, essayist, voice actor, writer and interviewer. Their work focuses primarily on the way people interact and connect to one another, and how those things change over time. They've done work with Hit Point Press, Metal Weave Games, MCDM, 2cGaming, Renegade Games, Ghostfire Gaming, and others. They're the creator of Incantations, POLYHEDRAL, and Libations. You can keep up to date with their work on socials @HTTPaladin

Calamity (she/they) is a former theatre kid and lover of storytelling, which she has most recently applied to the TTRPG space as a performer, writer, and producer. By day she works a game cinematics producer, and by night participates in various actual play one shots and campaigns over a variety of channels.

Michelle Nguyen Bradley (she/they) is a producer, show host, voice actor, writer & professional TTRPG player, currently producing the new Tabletop News weekly show, now on Kickstarter! As a show & event producer, Michelle has a decade of experience creating immersive event experiences & creating exciting content for clients like ID@Xbox & /TwitchGaming. As a TTRPG actor, Michelle’s best known roles are: Kiếm on VtM: New York by Night, Hoa Sen on Critical Role & Moogin on Idle Champions. Michelle has also hosted & has MCed for Anime Expo's Main Stage, FunimationCon, brand launches & more for over a decade. Find her work at and on socials at @iamchubbybunny.

Viditya Voleti (he/him) is a QPOC, South Asian, interactive artist and game designer who loves to mess with play and interactive media! His own games are never the same, always iterating or trying out new ideas and approaches to what TTRPGs can be. He primarily loves making collaborative worldbuilding games and explorations into GMless and GM-Agnostic design.

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