So, Mom, I Made This Sex Tape ….

So, Mom, I Made This Sex Tape ....
  • Sun Oct 13, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • April Padilla
  • #Feminism
  • Adult Themes
  • pornography, sexuality shaming, heteronormative relationships, gender binary
  • Open Door Policy, Veils, Cut/Brake
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So, you made this sex tape with your boyfriend and you need some advice. Who will you talk to and what will they tell you? Will you listen? Characters include the young woman who made the sex tape, her mother, and various female friends & relatives. This game has a facilitator but will be driven by the participants. We will use the module as a jumping off point to explore the conversations and ideas that the players want to have.

From the anthology editors:

“We are feminists who believe that the culture we consume can help us begin to undo the harms
of sexism. And yet, that is difficult when our culture and its consumption is steeped in it. In the
literary world, there is an old adage that books about men speak to “humanity” while books
about women are “for women.”

It’s true in the world of roleplaying games too. Scenarios about five men doing, well, nearly
anything, get labeled as “great games,” while scenarios that focus on women’s experiences are
“for women.” We want to expand the designation of “great games” to include works that speak
to our own lived experience. Feminism belongs in analog game design because women are
human too. We produced this collection to highlight feminist voices and to create space for
explicitly feminist design.”

Tags: Drama, Emotional, GM-less, Modern, Potentially triggering*, Sex and Sexuality porn, feminism, generational conflict

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