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  • Jay Dragon
  • Sleepaway
  • Adult Themes
  • horror, violence against children, animals, and player characters.
  • X-card, Lines/Veils, Open Door policy
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Sleepaway is a role-playing game about a group of summer camp counselors, guarding their wards from the nightmarish Lindworm. It’s a story of hot summer days and cool summer nights, kids screaming and chasing the fireflies, crackling campfires, and a gaunt and cruel monstrosity forever hiding just out of sight, always asking, “What do you do next?”

Based on Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum’s Belonging Outside Belonging system, Sleepaway takes the base — community-building, shared narrative authority and worldbuilding, no dice, no masters — and transforms it into a horror game about generations of trauma, adventure, fear, and emotional exploration. Players will create characters, which are both traditional camp staff jobs and emotional archetypes, and have them explore a uniquely magical and grim setting while playing off the callous and capricious actions of the Lindworm, the ghostly monster that hangs over the game itself.

CW: Sleepaway has been often referred to as a “horror game with heart” due to its careful and kind handling of upsetting material. However, it is still a horror game, and does contain violence against children, animals, and player characters.

Tags: Collaborative, Drama, Emotional, GM-less, Horror, LGBTQ themes, Modern, Play to find out, Serious

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