• Sat Oct 12, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Kat Jones
  • Custom
  • Sacramento (49)
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In a land where music has magical power, rockers find themselves locked in a musical battle between Baby Metal, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, Emo, Grunge, and *shudder* Doom Metal. WHO WILL BECOME THE OVERLORDS OF ROCK?

Heavily inspired by Brütal Legend and Metalocalypse, Slayer Cake will rock. your. world. Players take on the roles of musicians and roadies who must rehearse and perform a variety of rock songs. By “perform,” we mean of course lipsync and air guitar. They will show up in their best rock garb to out-style and out-rock their opponents, but they may also find their opponents more sympathetic than they’d think. Characters go on a Hero’s Journey to different mystical sites of Metal World in preparation for several climactic gigs. Then they attempt to use their well-honed magical powers to improve their performance. Simple, intuitive mechanics based on musical chairs let the players focus on those two things of importance: music and attitude.

Players who enjoy Rock Band will likely enjoy Slayer Cake, as lip-syncing and overwrought mock music performance will take up a significant portion of the larp. This game is intensive in a physical way. Although competition among the players is embedded in the scenario, playing together in different bands requires a surprising level of cooperation as well. The larp is built on horde larp elements and character non-fidelity, such that players will probably not play the same character throughout the game. Light in-game touching may be involved.

Tags: Collaborative, Drama, Emotional, Freeform, Improv, Light, Play to find out

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