Sit Tight

Jakob Weisblat
  • LARP
System: LARP
Date: Oct 28 2:00pm (4 hours)
Spaces: 6
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: Open Door Policy, Cut/Brake, Other
Characters: Provided
Sit Tight is a LARP about the experience of waiting, alone yet together, for something you have no control over. It may provoke feelings of anxiety, frustration, and/or isolation. The game is played out over three different scenarios, each exploring the same themes in a different context. There are no mechanics; it's a sit-and-talk sort of game.

Game will start with a pregame workshop and safety briefing, and then we will have three scenes. Each scene will start with everyone reading their character sheets, and then there will be a few minutes to sit, absorb your character or meditate. After that, we will play the scene, there will be a short bio break, and then we will do it again two more times. Once the last scene is over, there will be an optional debrief and group discussion.

The game will probably be over within three hours from start, but extra time is allotted in case we want to do a longer debrief or discussion.

All roles are written gender-neutral, but you are welcome to decide a gender for any, all, or none of the characters you play.

Content warnings: Poor parental relationships, death of a family member, vague references to character religion, troubled upbringings, death and the afterlife, debt, illness, addiction, alcoholism, romantic relationships with other player characters

Many of these content warnings apply to just some of the characters, and there will be an opportunity in the casting form to express what you do and don't want to interact with. That said, this is a small game and it will be impossible to avoid coming into contact with some topics. If you have any questions about how much each of these warnings factors in, please reach out to the GM by email or on Discord.

This game is sad and is intended to evoke intense emotions at times.
Tags: Romance Emotional Suspenseful

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