Silver & White

  • Sun Oct 6, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Joe Mcdaldno
  • Silver & White
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Four suburban teenagers encounter the mystery that will shape their lives. They explore, and each time they touch, we players exchange cards. For them a few days, for us a few hours. We make up a story together, our invented truths springing from the cards we hold; and they step into the unknown, pausing at every awkward touch, hopeful despite everything to come.

This story is about personal change. It expects to be played by people who want to experience vicarious transformation, and hopes to help those people reach into themselves and connect with feelings of uncertainty, longing, and exhilaration. It is slow, and careful; and fast and reckless. It is about feeling powerless and then encountering possibilities. It is about questions, and the mystery.

Additional Game Tags: Magic Realist, Teenage Emotional Landscapes

Tags: Collaborative, Emotional, Exploration, GM-less, Investigation, Modern, PG-13, Play to find out

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