Siege of Nunna’s Isle

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Setting: The end of the 5th Century AD, shortly after the death of King Uther Pendragon. On the border between Somerset and Salisbury, in what will become the county of Wessex. In the years following King Uther’s death, baronial in fighting and feuding was common. Saxons press British counties from all sides looking for weakness.
Baron Morians of Lavington has laid siege to the fortified manor of Nunna’s Island on the lands of Sir Clovis. After failing to get the result he wanted in a winter court hearing over a land rights dispute, the baron marched on Nunna’s Island in the early spring.

Situation: Nunna’s Island is a rich manor district, with a mature improved manor house and surrounds. As well as a dispute over the ownership of the manor, the Baron is seeking the hand of Sir Clovis’s daughter in marriage. Enine, the beautiful 17-year-old daughter of Sir Clovis caught the eye of the Baron at the winter courts. She caught the eye of many bachelors, her beauty was the talk the Yuletide feasts.
Sir Clovis, a proud knight, has his small retinue penned in to the well defended manor house. Saxon forces have moved west, and lurk on the border of this dispute, looking for opportunities to take land and tribute. Sir Clovis is a friend to the county of Salisbury, and the knights of Salisbury have been sent to relieve the siege and win Nunna’s Island for to the county.

The players: Knights of the county of Salisbury
The goal: Break the siege on the manor of Nunna’s Island, secure the manor for the county.
The core rules: King Arthur Pendragon (KAP 5.1) with some of the Book of the Battle.

Can the players navigate the web of politics, love, history and competing personalities? The loyalties and passions of the characters with be tested, and the game will likely culminate in a mass battle scene.

Tags: Alternate History, Collaborative, Combat, Drama, Fantasy, Intrigue, Romance, Serious

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