Shinobigami - The Black Mirror

Bay Chang
  • RPG
System: Shinobigami
Date: TBD
Spaces: 6
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: X-card,Lines/Veils,Open Door Policy
Characters: Provided
The Black Mirror has been stolen by a renegade ninja. The mirror is to be used in 3 days in a ritual by a sorcerer named Keiru. The ritual will open a rift to the demon realm, allowing demons free rein over the human world. Certain ninja clans see benefit in this; others will do everything they can to stop the ritual.

"Shinobigami: Modern Ninja Battle RPG" is *superhuman anime ninja action* combined with *real human anime drama*. It also could be described as a PvP story game. Players take turns setting scenes: Drama Scenes establish Emotional Bonds between characters that have mechanical effects; Battle Scenes allow characters to get what they want from other characters by using their ninja powers. And you will want to do this, because each player will be playing a ninja from a different clan and will have different missions handed to them from their clan elders.

This is a 6-hour slot but may run shorter depending on number of players.

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