Shifting Careers: Joining the Gaming Industry from Other Walks of Life

Poorna Mazumdar, Elise Rezendes, Indrani Ganguly, Bianca Bickford, Danny Quach
  • Panel
  • Practicum
Date: Apr 1
6:10am (duration 00:50)
The panel will focus on individuals who’ve made the decision to join the gaming industry (TTRPG, LARP, board game) after having done adjacent work or something else entirely. Topics we’ll explore: questions we asked ourselves to before making the shift barriers to entry we faced and how we have or are trying to circumvent them whether we’re finding more success by being open to all sorts of opportunities or by being hyper-focused on the specific work we want to do if we’ve experienced access issues (bias, ableism, mental health, geography, language, etc.) and, if so, how we’ve dealt with them our experiences balancing tasks or jobs that are in different professional spheres.


Poorna Mazumdar (she/her) is an Indian writer and editor who, having been dragged from place to place during her childhood for her parents' jobs, simply refused the inertia of adulthood when she came upon it—and kept on traveling. She has a soft spot for bookish folx and bedlam—and has recently come to accept that the mop of curls atop her head has a life of its own. She also harbours an unrequited love for sleep—which she claims only fuels her desire to devour all the murder mysteries ever written.

Elise Rezendes (she/they) is an artist and designer with a love for production detail. From games, costumes, production, terrain, photography, to prop making, and more; she is usually managing a creative mess somewhere or another behind the scenes.

Indrani Ganguly (she/they) is the co-founder of Desis & Dragons, India's largest tabletop RPG community. Under the moniker Nonagon Dice, she also became India's first handmade dice maker. Indrani is also a fledgling game designer. She is based out of Mumbai, India. As a young, queer person of color, Indrani is incredibly passionate about bringing equity to the Indian gaming industry–especially to underrepresented minorities within India with equitable opportunities. Through Desis & Dragons, Indrani, and her two co-founders have worked to spread international awareness about India’s TTRPG creators, as well as grow the nascent hobby within India. Indrani’s game-changing work within the Indian game industry has been featured in multiple reputable newspapers and magazines such as Polygon, Wired, IGN India, and Mid-Day India. Indrani is a part of The Game Awards Future Class of 2022, a cohort of 50 individuals that "represent the bright, bold, and inclusive future of video games". She is the Marketing & Communications Lead at Pariah Interactive (an independent game studio based out of Mumbai & NYC), the Marketing Manager at Hunters Entertainment (developers of Alice is Missing, Kids on Bikes), and the Socials Lead at Publishing Goblin Games (developers of the upcoming TTRPG, Confluence).

Bianca Bickford (she/her) is a Hispanic geek and Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Roll20. She creates bestselling D&D 5E adventures and supplements for DMs Guild, Wizards of the Coast, MCDM, Ghostfire Gaming, and more.

Danny Quach (he/him) is a TTRPG performer, writer, creative and enthusiast. He’s the community manager for Roll20 and community director for Free RPG Day. When not creating characters just for fun, Danny can be found eating tasty things, lifting heavy things, and hanging out with his corgi Bowser.

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