Shadows in Denver

Shadows in Denver
  • Fri Oct 13, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Paul "weregamer" Meyer
  • Fate Core
  • All Ages
  • Lines/Veils
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  • Created at the table


This isn’t FASA’s world or their rules, but it’s not enormously different. Player characters will be generated at the table with some templates provided. And unlike what seems to be the unspoken norm for Shadowrun games at conventions, the PCs have reasons to trust each other. They’ll need it. Having each others’ backs is their only advantage against corps, nations, and plain old bad guys as they figure out what is going on and how they will survive, and maybe profit .

Tags: Alternate History, Collaborative, Cyberpunk, Exploration, Fantasy, Investigation, Play to find out, Serious, Suspenseful I Love It When A Plan Doesn't Survive Contact with the Enemy

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