Seeing Yourself in the Game: Representation in Boardgames

Calvin Wong, Tanya Pobuda, Kenechukwu "KC" Ogbuagu, Ezra Denney
  • Panel
  • Topical
Date: Mar 31
11:10pm (duration 00:49)
When you think of the cover of a Boardgame, statistically speaking you most likely picture a European Male staring sternly back at you. Happily, that is slowly starting to change, and representation is becoming more and more important in boardgames. Our panel will discuss the changes (and the work ahead) from three different angles, first an overview of where we are, and what representation currently looks like, then the increasing importance of cultural consultants and writers from the cultures being depicted in boardgames, and finally with designers from marginalized cultures who are putting out work that reflects the world they live in.


Calvin Wong Tze Loon 黃子倫 (he/him) is a writer and designer in board games. He was in a movie once.

Dr. Tanya Pobuda (she/they) is a sessional lecturer, research assistant, trainer and instructional designer. Tanya is a board game academic, game designer, licensed drone pilot, artificial intelligence chatbot creator, and virtual and augmented reality practitioner. Her PhD research on board games has been featured in The Conversation, New York Times, the Analog Games Studies Journal and YouTube channel Our Family Plays Games. She has been a featured speaker at the Manchester Metropolitan University’s Manchester Game Studies Network and Carnegie Mellon’s OLab. Tanya has been interviewed on various podcasts including The Board Game Community Show, Stuff Your Mom Never Told You About, The Spiel, Who What Why Podcast, and Beyond Solitaire. Tanya has a PhD from Toronto Metropolitan & York University’s Communication & Culture program, and has a 27-year background as a former journalist, certified project manager, digital storyteller with a background in public relations, communication, marketing and Web design.

Kenechukwu Cornelius Ogbuagu (he/him), also known as KC, is a Tabletop games designer and the founder of NIBCARD Games - a tabletop games designing, manufacturing and promotional company based in Nigeria. He is also the founder of the African Boardgames Convention (AB Con). In 2021, NIBCARD Games received the 2021 Diana Jones Award for excellence in gaming.


Ezra Denney (he/him) is a lifelong boardgame fan, contributor to boardgame podcast The Spiel, and Coordinator of Big Bad Con's Boardgame room.

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