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RUN! is the hilarious card game inspired by the casino game, “Thirty-One.” The modification is a completely original, pictorial card deck and a compelling story to drive the action. The premise of the game is that all players are being chased by a raging grizzly bear. Each player’s hand itemizes the variables that determine their likelihood of escaping imminent death (i.e., +7 “Fortuitous Tail Wind” or -2 “Untimely Butt Cramp”). The trick to winning a round is not being the fastest (the best hand), just being faster than the slowest player (the worst hand). The slowest player each round dies a “grizzly” death. All participants begin with three lives and the eventual winner is determined by the last player standing.

One game of RUN! with 2 to 5 players usually lasts 15–25 minutes. Drop by any time within the 4-hour block to jump into the next game.

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