Ruin The Days Of The Tentacle

Ruin The Days Of The Tentacle
  • Fri Oct 5, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Ryan Burton of Found In The Alley
  • Panty Explosion Perfect
  • Potentially, depending entirely on gamers involved.
  • Variable... Pg-13 can quickly turn R or worse depending on players.
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Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and X-Men. What do these have in common? The ability to be played in this amazing small press game made by CelStyle. It’s a narrarative game where you and your friends try to make a difference in this world! You’ll have your best friend to help you, and your rival may try to make you look foolish while you all confront the Demon who’s bringing pain and misery to all around you! Will you be able to overcome your differences and defeat the Demon, or will your bickering bring about the end of civilization?!

Or something else entirely?

This game is insanely modular and any role playing experience level is welcome to join us. The mechanics are quick to learn and we’ll have a blast!

Bonus Feature! This game will be recorded and potentially featured on the Found in the Alley podcast. A rocking good time and fame to boot!


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  • Ryan Burton

    In regards to Bonus Feature : I will only be recording if all players in a game are willing to allow recording. I have no intention of removing anyone’s privacy, but I do hope I get to record at least one of the (potentially numerous) games of this I plan on running.

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