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Come play test this beta version of Steve Bean Games’ next DCC-compatible offering and be forever immortalized in print in the product credits!

ROCK GOD DEATH-FUGUE explores themes of artistry, envy, excess, hubris, disgrace/self-parody and the costs of “immortality-via-popular-media.” In this one-shot, PCs are a rock band on the rise and on-tour in Europe. Players decide what kind of band they are – metal, hard rock, alt rock, etc. – and what each of their PC’s role is in the band: vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, base guitar, drummer. Every PC has a “tragic flaw” such as drug addiction. The story line alternates between “encounters” the band has on the road – replete with sex, drugs and mayhem – and their shows. During each concert band members vie for supremacy during “a moment in the sun” – an adaptation of the DCC Spell Duel. PCs who win over the crowd in their moments in the sun are remembered in a blaze of glory. Those who are overshadowed by their bad mates end up sad parodies a la Elvis, Axl, Michael Jackson and Ozzy post The Osbournes era.

ROCK GOD DEATH-FUGUE is a follow-up to SBG’s NULL SINGULARITY. Both of these one-shots were inspired by James MacGeorge’s BLACK SUN DEATHCRAWL.

Tags: Comical, Dark, Drama, Hijinx, Modern, Player antagonism, Provocative, Sex and Sexuality metal, tragi-comedy, rock 'n' roll, drugs, sex, parody, blaze of glory

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