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  • Sun Oct 6, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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In Ribbon Drive, we collectively create a story about a road trip. We do this in the comfort of a living room, over the course of 3-5 hours. We each create a character, one of the people going on this road trip. These characters are our individual jobs; each of us will roleplay one character’s decisions and actions. We’ll share the responsibility of narrating the obstacles and scenery that comes up all around us. Music mixes guide our journey and shape the story as it unfolds. Ribbon Drive creates stories about letting go on the open road, and we all work to both further and complicate this agenda during the game. It draws inspirations from road movies like WristcuttersEverything Is Illuminated, y tu Mama TambienLittle Miss SunshineThe Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things and Thelma & Louise (and, to a lesser extent, Two Lane BlacktopThe Doom Generation and Wild At Heart). Our ultimate goal is to create a thought-provoking, meaningful experience. We let the music guide us. We let the road throw us curves. As our characters, we rethink our attachment to the future. A game about road trips, music, and self-discovery.

IF YOU JOIN THIS GAME, you need to come prepared! Please bring a device that has a playlist on it. The playlist should be 35-75 minutes long, be built around a theme, and have a title. If possible, please print out the lyrics (if any) to the first two tracks. If you don’t have a music-playing device, don’t fret – I’ll bring a backup playlist.

Tags: Collaborative, Emotional, GM-less, Melancholy, Play to find out

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4 comments to Ribbon Drive

  • Should we expect this game to go past 7:00?

  • Victoria Garcia

    Another playlist question — is it okay if there are a fair number of songs where the lyrics nonexistant/ not in English/ otherwise unintelligible? In the current draft of my playlist, about 25% is like that. (FWIW, the first two tracks do have easily parsed, English lyrics.)

  • Victoria,

    Lulling-into-contemplative-quietude tracks are great for Ribbon Drive, even if they’d make you dangerously sleepy on the road.

  • Victoria Garcia

    W/re playlists:

    How important is road mix versimilitude? There are tracks I wouldn’t put on a road mix due to the “getting-lulled-into-sweet-somnolence-and-plowing-headon-into-a-Peterbilt” factor, but that I -would- put on a themed mix to share with friends in a context where wakefulness is less important.

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