Ribbon Drive

Ribbon Drive
  • Sat Oct 12, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Ribbon Drive is the mixtape-fueled game of letting go on the open road. Using music as inspiration, we will tell the story of a group of characters on a road trip together, in the vein of Little Miss Sunshine, Thelma & Louise, or The Doom Generation. Through conversation, strange encounters, and the occasional detour, our characters will discover which of their hopes and dreams are worth holding on to – and which are better left behind.

Ribbon Drive is a GM-less, very-low-conflict game that focuses on characterization and description over plot. Everything about the road trip is generated as part of play, using the player-provided playlists as inspiration.

Players should bring a mixtape/playlist of approximately 60 minutes, on some sort of playback device (e.g. a phone) that can interact with a headphone jack. I will bring speakers. Additional mixes will be provided in the unlikely case that you forget to bring one!

Tags: Collaborative, Comical, Drama, Emotional, Exploration, GM-less, Melancholy, Modern, Play to find out

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  • Daniel Wood

    Hey everyone, this seems like an OK place to mention some details about how the mixes work, for those who haven’t played Ribbon Drive before. The important bit is that the first two songs of the mix should be kind of the ‘key’ songs, because we will be using those songs (from whatever mix we start with) to build the premise/concept of our road trip as well as our characters.

    If you like being very prepared, printing out lyric sheets for the first two songs of your mix is helpful (maybe just print 2-3 and we can share) – if not, it’s usually pretty easy to pull up lyrics on phones, though not always.

    Other than that, mixes being around an hour is the main detail.

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