Republic of Pyrates

Adam DeCamp, Ev Schauer
  • LARP
System: Whisper and a Knife
Date: Oct 29 2:00pm (4 hours)
Spaces: 25
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: Cut/Brake,Open Door Policy,Lines/Veils
Characters: Created at the table
Hunted. Hated. Free.

Here in the lawless waters of Pyrate's Cove, you cannot be governed. You answer only to your heart, spine, and stomach: to the comrades you love and the rivals you fear.

Together you face the sea's monsters. You may fall in cannon-smoke, in storm's breath, or even under the knives of the crew—the family—that you trusted. But until that day, you will know what it means to be alive.

Republic of Pyrates is a game about the passionate and complex relationships between renegades at the edge of the world. You'll find a place at the intersection of blood feuds, romances, uneasy pacts between crews, and dangerous but lucrative opportunities.

The game's mechanics are driven by cooperation between players, but not necessarily between the characters you're playing. How your crew's voyages go, and what happens in the eventful nights at port, will suggest how your story evolves, but you'll ultimately have control over your fate. As the author of your own story, you're even free to orchestrate your own downfall...perhaps with a little help from your mates.

No costumes needed || Gameplay components provided
Content Advisory!
Betrayal, persecution by the law, messy relationships
Tags: Alternate History Pulp Comical Dark LGBTQ themes Suspenseful Adventure Sex and Sexuality Drama Intrigue Romance Strong storyline Collaborative Fantasy

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