Reckoning Eve

Reckoning Eve
  • Sun Oct 13, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Betsy Rosenblatt
  • Before the Storm
  • X-card, Lines/Veils, Cut/Break, Open Door policy
  • 559 (11)
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“When dawn fails on the longest day, the Storm shall rage against the Sword and the Sword shall flash amid the Storm, and when the light shines again only one shall remain.” Why do prophecies always have to be vague metaphors? But it turns out, sometimes the sages are right. Tomorrow, our home planet will be drenched in shadow by an eclipse, and the ships of the Swarm are close. We’ve done all we can to prepare: together, we captured the Hyper Blade, the great weapon that may have the power to bring victory. Night has fallen, now. For a few hours, we rest, we revel, we say what must be said, we drink, we do what must be done. At dawn, we will face what comes.

This is a storytelling game about a group about to face the biggest challenge of their lives. The world, characters, and story are developed mostly in flashbacks, using a playing-card mechanic. The story culminates in the characters’ confrontation and resolution of the challenge itself.

Tags: Apocalyptic, Collaborative, Drama, Emotional, GM-less, Improv, Play to find out, Rotating authority, Sci-Fi, Serious

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