Rapid Characters

  • Fri Oct 14, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Kristin Firth
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This improv workshop is about learning tricks to jump into new characters quickly.

About instructor: Kristin Firth is a veteran improvised theater performer, director, and teacher. She put together some of her favorite improv games and exercises from over the last 11+ years to build a workshop targeted at a specific gaming skill – creating and embodying characters.

About workshop: The goal of this workshop is to try out a lot of different ways for getting into a new character with minimal information. For players, particularly with one-shot con games, you may need to jump into role-playing as a new character without a lot of time to figure them out as much as you’d like. For GMs, you sometimes need to create a bunch of NPCs off the cuff, and want them to be interesting and different for the players to interact with.

Character creation is something improvisers practice a bunch, to be ready to do many short scenes with many characters over the course of a show, which means there are a ton of improv exercises we can borrow to get better at this too! So, we’re going to play a bunch of improv games and exercises focused on this skill. Ideally you will leave this workshop with a few more tools in your toolbox for the next time you’re role-playing.

In this improv workshop we will all be participating and moving around, so wear clothing you will feel comfortable in. Complete beginners as well as experienced role players and improvisers are all absolutely welcome! Every improv game we play will be expected to be new to most folks, and thoroughly explained.

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