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  • Sat Oct 12, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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If you want to be part of the glue that holds Big Bad Con together and enjoying moving around, sign up!

Sean tends to race around all con long like a humming bird, darting here and there. We haven’t been able to clone him yet so we’re looking for a few folks to join in the sprint. Some of the work involved includes helping with:

  • Little Red Basket Delivery.
  • Room changes (moving tables and chairs, setting up pipe and drape, delivering or picking up props).
  • Checking in on Rangers.
  • Making coffee and tea in industrial urns, setting out food, and tidying the ranger station.
  • Delivering messages to the hotel or convention staff that are hard reach via phone/text/email/chat.
  • Shopping for supplies (no driving needed).
  • Carrying things too and fro.
  • Subbing in for other roles (greeters, reg desk, GoD hosts, board game hosts) when they need a break.

Before singing up for volunteer shifts, please let us know a little bit about you over at the Ranger Station. Once you’ve signed up as a volunteer, you’ll be able to start picking shifts!

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