Pretending to be a Vampire

  • Sat Oct 14, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Jackson Tegu and Jory Bowers
  • Pretending to be a Vampire
  • Adult Themes
  • Open Door policy
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So you’re fourteen. You’re in a parking lot pretending to be a vampire with a bunch of other kids. They seem to have it figured out, but you’re having a really hard time. See, you don’t have a vampire mindset because though you’re pretending to be a vampire, you’re actually a werewolf.

In this dance lark we’ll experience a story arc through movement of our bodies instead of verbal conversation. Each song is a chapter, and each chapter has different guides and forms for how we’ll dance.

To reiterate, there’s no talking. Just dancing.
But your characters aren’t dancing. That’s just how we express their lives.

The story arc encompasses several years, moving us quickly from self-doubt to self-acceptance, introducing us to a community we identify with, then letting us find our place among them. Though there will be tension and a range of emotions in each chapter, this story arc is about positive changes.

Tags: Adult, Collaborative, Cute, Emotional, Exploration, Fantasy, Freeform, Light, Modern, Serious, Sex and Sexuality

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