Pitching YOU: Putting Your Best Foot Forward In Industry Meetings

Carlos Cisco, Omar Najam, Elise Rezendes, Markeia McCarty
  • Panel
  • Practicum
Date: Mar 31
8:10pm (duration 00:50)
A panel focused on practical and actionable advice for folks taking meetings with industry professionals. There will be an emphasis on meeting preparation and the importance of a solid and concise self pitch. Each of the presenters come from slightly different disciplines within the industry ranging from streamers, community managers, designers, and writers.


Carlos Cisco (he/him) is a television writer and narrative designer, most recently having written on seasons 4 and 5 of Star Trek: Discovery. His most recent TTRPG design work appears in MCDM's Arcadia and Modiphius’ Star Trek: Discovery campaign sourcebook. His work can also be found on the DM's guild and in the #iHunt 80s zine. Working in both television and TTRPG design, his ultimate hope is to bridge those two gaps and be a part of adapting tabletop games for television and film while continuing to develop and hone his craft and build out his network when it comes to game design.

Omar Najam (he/him/any) is a writer, director, improviser and ttrpg player! He's been a literal ghost writer on Power Play, a cat pirate on The Borros Saga: Banesbreak and a cave water drinking prince of darkness in Dimension 20's A Court of Fey and Flowers.

Elise Rezendes (she/they) is an artist and designer with a love for production detail. From games, costumes, production, terrain, photography, to prop making, and more; she is usually managing a creative mess somewhere or another behind the scenes.

Markeia McCarty (she/they) is the Community Director for the Indy game company Hunters Entertainment (Alice Is Missing, Kids On Bikes) and is also a main cast actor in their long-running Outbreak Undead saga on Twitch, continuing its next season this fall on Pixel Circus. As a professional GM and TTRPG player they’ve created and/or played in numerous horror campaigns across various channels. With the latest being a live Misfits and Magic collaboration (coming soon to Dimension20!) and being an actor in The Day Shift, the Hunter The Reckoning campaign for World of Darkness and Renegade Game Studios.

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