Perimeter Breach!

Perimeter Breach!
  • Sun Oct 7, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Eric Ullman
  • Stars Without Numbers
  • PG-13
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The Perimeter is mankind’s oldest intelligence agency, watching, waiting, protecting the human race against all threats, both external and internal. In the centuries of Silence and chaos following the Scream, Perimeter teams, agencies, and strongholds have been isolated at best, wiped out or dissolved at worst. Your agency has survived with its adherence to the Vow—and thus its tech—intact. Your true affiliation concealed, you have been successfully integrated as members of a local planetary intelligence organization for years, all the while maintaining the Perimeter’s ideals and greater responsibilities.

But now it seems that outside knowledge of your surviving Perimeter agency has been obtained by outsiders. Who exactly is behind this infiltration? Is it a maltech cabal, or is there a hidden alien influence at work here? And what is their true purpose? The answers to these questions matter, but not perhaps as much as knowing that you and your team are all that stands between humanity and the unspeakable in this part of space…

* * *

Perimeter Breach is a sci-fi action-espionage adventure for Sine Nomine Publishing’s old-school renaissance-style masterpiece, Stars Without Number. Get your old-school sci-fi on with this fantastic game! New players are welcome; the rules will be taught (and probably won’t come up all that much, anyway).


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