Papers Please

Scott Henderson
  • RPG
System: Red Markets
Date: Oct 28 9:00am (4 hours)
Spaces: 5
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: X-card,Open Door Policy
Characters: Provided
"All vile acts are done to satisfy hunger." - Maxim Gorky

The Crash (zombie apocalypse) happened five years ago. You live in an enclave that somehow still survives but no enclave can stand alone. Someone has to go past the walls into The Loss for trade and business. That is your job, you"re a Taker with loved ones to support and bills to pay. The debt only dies when you do, so pick a contract, chase that bounty, and try to survive in a world of disaster capitalism and supernatural terror.

RED MARKETS is a game of economic horror, where zombie apocalypse meets dog-eat-dog capitalism. Papers Please is a beginner scenario designed to not only teach the mechanics of Red Markets to new players but also introduce them to the world of The Crash. See for more information. No experience needed, characters will be provided.
Tags: Strong storyline Drama Adventure Mystery Exploration Modern Emotional Suspenseful

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