• Sat Oct 15, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Bob "Mad Capt. John" Johnston
  • 7th Sea 2nd Edition
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Scoffing at “1668’s latest scientific evidence” is easy, when you believe you hear the wail of the Avalon’s (England’s) Banesidhes. Stories told to terrify those around this fire pit do not help either. Especially with:

It being All Hallows Eve;
You are seated in an outpost poised just below the most notorious pass in recent history;
It has been raining for the last 7 days and 7 nights, and no soon is this thought then…
The rain just abruptly stopped;
The momentary silence follow the rain is broken when a wolf begins to hollow, but this is cut
short with a truncated yelp; and
The clouds part-allowing the full moon’s light to illuminate the drenched
landscape while causing the areas under the trees to fall in uncharacteristically dark

With all these portents, this will be a night you will never forget!

Heroic Fantasy RPG of the 17th Century with Sorcery, Musketeers, Undead, Duelist, Knights & fantastic creatures. Rules are taught. Costumes rewarded in game. Heroes, terrain, and miniatures provided!

Tags: Adventure, Alternate History, Collaborative, Combat, Comical, Dark, Fantasy, Romance, Strong storyline, Suspenseful Puzzles, Deductive Reasoning required

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