Oliver Twisted

Oliver Twisted
  • Sun Oct 14, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Paul "weregamer" Meyer
  • Fate Core hack of Shadowrun
  • Lines/Veils
  • 577 (25)
  • 8
  • 4 of 6
  • Created at the table


Your team has a reputation for quiet, low-collateral-damage runs, and that gets you the premium nuyen. This run could be a cakewalk, or it could be something really scary. A rich arcology kid is missing, and your fixer convinced his father that yours is the team he needs. But are you?

This game will use the same Fate Shadowrun rules that worked well last year, and like last year I make no guarantee that details of the world will match perfectly with FASA’s, but we should have a great time.

Rules notes from last year.

Tags: Adventure, Cyberpunk, Emotional, Fantasy, Investigation, Play to find out, Serious Aiming for PG13

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  • Shawna Cornell

    Horribly sorry. I have had a family emergency come up and won’t be able to make it up to the convention today. I was, sadly, also the driver for a couple other people who cannot find transport at this late date.

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