Of Leaves and Stewed Hobbit

Of Leaves and Stewed Hobbit
  • Fri Oct 12, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Bay Chang
  • The One Ring
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In a hole in the ground lived a Hobbit. But curiously, this hole is far from the Shire, further than even Bree, further than even the Last Homely House of Rivendell. It lies along the road between the Old Ford and the Forest Gate of Mirkwood. And the Hobbit who lives there, Dodinas Brandybuck, runs the Easterly Inn which he and his family have built above their Hobbit-hole.

Dodinas welcomes all travelers along the Great River to rest and sup at the Easterly Inn, and he will surely talk your ear off if you sit down for a bit. But when you and your friends arrive, weary after your journey, he has an uncharacteristic worry across his face. His brother Didonas is very late returning from a resupply trip to the Shire…

Will you and your fellow Hobbits, Beornings, and Bree-landers come to the aid of the Brandybucks?

Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, Strong storyline Middle Earth

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