Oakland Haze

Oakland Haze
  • Sat Oct 6, 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Andy Flores
  • Gamma World
  • D&D 4th Ed Rules
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You are living in Oxland, 150 years after the Big Accident happened. Making a living isn’t easy while friendship and negotiations are important in gaining access to hard to find supplies, food and shelter. Play this quirky post-appocolyptic adventure where you will create a mutated character in less time it will take you get your food at the Con!


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5 comments to Oakland Haze

  • Dennis Baum

    Totally bummed Andy didn’t show up at the Con. I was looking forward to this game, and so were the other players. I hope you weren’t waylaid by anything tragic, GM Andy.

    • Sean Nittner

      Dennis, I’m very sorry Andy wasn’t able to make it. I didn’t find out about it until the game started. Were you and the other players offered alternative games, and/or a replacement GM?

      • Dennis Baum

        Howdy Sean! Yeah, we figured out pretty quickly that you guys were left in the lurch by Andy too, since he didn’t show up to Big Bad at all. Paul Echeverri walked by just as we were wondering what to do… and he didn’t have any players… so we played his Last Stand game. It all unfolded before you guys had a chance to react, because the dude from the desk came back to try to sort it out and we were already dealing cards.

  • If some one drops from the game, let me know ASAP. I wouldliketo take the open space. purchases_only@yahoo.com

  • Dennis Baum

    I’m looking forward to this game! I still have the old Gamma World box set, and thumb through it from time to time.

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